How We Help

Trekking Hero has partnered with two great organizations that aim to touch the lives of the people living in the community.

As a local organization, we want to help give the people in our community a chance to generate real and meaningful change. Our unique experience in the region puts us in a place to help connect Kilimanjaro to people from all over the world.

Educational Opportunities - New Reach Organization

New Reach

New Reach was founded by our friend and client Scott Cutlan, who formed a very special bond with his climbing team. A world traveler, Scott's focus is on changing the world through global impact by building up impoverished local communities through relationships, structure, development, and empowerment for entrepreneurs and local leadership. In keeping with this spirit, New Reach and Trekking Hero are pleased to have started a scholarship fund to give our clients the opportunity to make a meaningful impact in their climbing teams lives and advance in their chosen career paths. By connecting with each other, we form a global innovation network with the vision and ambition to transform multi-cultural problems into impactful solutions.

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Community Outreach - Health Amplifier

Health Amplifier

Health Amplifier is a local organization introduced to us by one of our clients that focuses on bringing sustainable health care to local communities in Tanzania. Located about 10 minutes outside of Moshi in the town of Kikavu, their mission is to provide functioning clinics in the region, enabling specialist care to aid in the prevention of chronic diseases and manage existing conditions. This includes everything from annual checkups to teaching the children of the community the importance of cleanliness, with the goal of changing the mindset of the community to be completely involved in the process. Health Amplifier got our attention because of their unique model of giving the community the knowledge and tools needed to provide sustainable health care. We are happy to be able to partner with Health Amplifier and provide our clients with a very forward thinking organization.

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Porter Clothing Drive & Health Care Clinic

New Reach Foundation, Health Amplifier and Trekking Hero are currently involved in the beginning stages of a project that will enable us to not only get much needed warm weather gear to our porters, but also provide a health care clinic to our friends over at Health Amplifier. Currently, Health Amplifier are building a Mother and Child Care Facility for their community, and we are currently working on partnering with an organization that will be able to provide this facility, along with space for gear to outfit our porters. We are very excited about this projects' potential to provide for the community and will have more information in the coming months on our progress. Please email if you would like to find out how to get involved.