Mt. Kilimanjaro - Northern Circuit 10 Days

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    What's Included?

  • 10 day adventure, 8 of which include 3 meals a day
  • 2 nights of accommodation in Moshi, breakfast included
  • Airport Pickup from Kilimanjaro Airport
  • All Ground Transfers
  • Accommodation while trekking*
  • National Park Entry Fees
  • Fully-licensed, English-speaking guide
  • Porter service on the trek
  • First aid kit
  • Trip completion certificate

*Accommodation on the trek is tent camping.

Kilimanjaro is the highest free-standing mountain in the world at 5,895m (19,341ft). The Northern Circuit is the newest and Longest route on Kilimanjaro. This route encompasses several ecosystems, boasts incredible views and allows for an adequate altitude acclimation time.

Your trip starts when we pick you up from the airport at Kilimanjaro and take you to the hotel in Moshi for the night. You will be introduced to your mountain guide and we will ensure you have all the necessary gear for the climb. The next morning you’ll be driven to the trailhead where the hike begins.

The hike is designed to acclimate your body to the increasing altitude by completing phases that allow for gradual altitude gain each day. Along the way you’ll see incredible views and take in the expansive landscape. Your guides will teach you about the region and the many things you’ll discover as you traverse this beautiful land, all while the summit lingers in the distance as a reminder of your ultimate goal.

Under a blanket of stars you’ll begin your final ascent towards the Summit. Finally, you’ll stand atop the (5,896m -19,340ft) Uhuru Peak and take in the view from the tallest mountain in Africa. After a well-deserved celebration and picture, you’ll descend to the last camp before heading back to Moshi. The following day we’ll help you get back to the airport.

Day 1 - Arrive in Moshi

We'll pick you up from Arusha town or Kilimanjaro International Airport and transport you to Moshi town, which is commonly known as the gateway to Mount Kilimanjaro. Your guide will give you a briefing and ensure that you have all the gear required for the climb. If you are missing essential equipment, it can be rented in Moshi. Check out the sites around Moshi! It boasts beautiful waterfalls, open air markets, and local foods to try.

Day 2 - Lemosho Glades

Hiking: 4-5 hours
4.5 km (2.8 mi)
Overnight Altitude: 2,687 m (8,817 ft)
From the hotel, we will drive a few hours to the Londorosi gate on the Western side of Mt. Kilimanjaro. After lunch, we’ll begin our 4 hour hike through the rainforest at the Lemosho trailhead. In the forest, exotic moss and flowers delight the eye while bird calls entertain the ear. You may even see Black and White Colobus monkeys as well as signs of the elephants that travel in this area. We’ll camp overnight at Forest Camp.

Day 3 - Shira Plateau

Hiking: 6-9 hours
8 km (5 mi)
Overnight Altitude: 3,444 m (11,300 ft)
As we leave the Montane Forest and enter the Hagenia zone, the landscape opens up and we will catch our first good view of Kibo peak. This is a good acclimatization hike, as we go up and down several ridges along the way to our highest point of the day at 3505 Meters (11,500 feet) before descending to camp. We’ll camp overnight at Shira 1 Camp.

Day 4 - Shira Plateau

Hiking: 5-6 hours
9.4 km (5.8 mi)
Overnight Altitude: 4160 m (13,650 ft)
We will traverse the Heath zone of the Shira Plateau and begin climbing the western slope of the Kibo Massif. Along the way, we will enjoy a picnic lunch at Scott Fischer memorial camp, and then continue on to the upper heath zone and Moir camp. Depending on the weather, acclimatization hikes can be arranged in the late afternoon.

Day 5 - Buffalo Camp

Hiking: 4-7 hours
9.2 km (5.7 mi)
Overnight Altitude: 4085 m (13,400 ft)
This is a great acclimatization day. We’ll hike 4-7 hours, depending on stops along the way. Today we climb a significant ridge, so we will take it easy on the way to the crest to conserve energy. We’ll stay at Buffalo Camp overnight.

Day 6 - Third Cave Camp

Hiking: 5-7 hours
6.8 km (4.3 mi)
Overnight Altitude: 3901 m (12,800 ft)
We'll continue around the northern side of Mount Kilimanjaro and experience expansive views as we make our way to Third Cave Camp.

Day 7 - School Huts Camp

Hiking: 4-5 hours
4.9 km (3 mi)
Overnight Altitude: 4725 m (15,500 ft)
We get into our highest elevation camp today. We’ll use the afternoon to rest before we start our night-time summit ascent (usually starting around midnight) to Gilman’s Point, through Stella Point, and for the final push up to the summit.

Day 8 - Summit and Mweka Camp (or Millennium Camp by request)

Hiking: Typically 13-17 hours
17.4 km (10.8 mi)
Summit 5900 km (19,341 ft)
Overnight Altitude: 3184 m (10,448 ft)
Summit day. We will start our ascent to the summit (5,896m -19,340ft) around 11:00 PM or midnight the night prior. The goal for you – and numerous other climbers – is to reach the peak right at sunrise. In reality, due to differences in hiking speed, energy, and altitude acclimatization, we’ll make it to the summit at different times. Using headlamps (bring extra lithium batteries, which last much better in cold dark conditions) you will ascend 6-7 hours to Gilman’s point, traverse the Crater Rim to Stella Point and then up another 1-2 hours to Uhuru Peak, the summit. After a summit celebration and photo, we’ll descend to Barafu camp for lunch and then to Mweka camp to sleep overnight. By advance request we can sleep at Millennium camp instead.

Day 9 - Mweka Park Gate

Hiking: 3-5 hours
9.1 km (5.6 mi)
We’ll make the final descent to the trailhead today. Here we will have lunch and say goodbye to our mountain crew before leaving Mount Kilimanjaro and heading back to the hotel in Moshi.

Day 10 - Depart Moshi

After breakfast, we’ll transport you back to Arusha town or Kilimanjaro airport..

    Extra Cost and Exclusions

  • For visas please click here.
  • All the meals are included on the climb but we only include breakfast while you are in Moshi.
  • We suggest a minimum tip for your climbing staff of $200.

    Climbing Gear

  • We will provide tent, sleeping bag and sleeping pad.
  • We will provide a duffel bag that you repack your personal gear into for the porter to carry.
  • You are responsible to bring your own personal gear (Check gear list).

Solo Travelers

We don't charge solo travelers any extra fees. Solo travelers can expect their own hotel room in Moshi and a private tent during the climb.

Discontinued Climbs

Some climbers may actually finish the climb ahead of schedule and others may have problems with altitude or decide to come down earlier for other reasons. If you do get back to Moshi early you are responsible to pay the costs for your extra hotel nights ($35 per/night) and meals. Keep in mind, our costs are the same regardless of when you end the climb. So even if you are climbing fewer days than scheduled keep in mind that we have already paid the staff, purchased, food and rented gear for all the days you were supposed to be on the climb.

Cancellation Policies

We understand things happen and plans change and will refund your deposit minus a $150 cancelation fee. Once we have made arrangements for the climb such as renting gear and buying food the deposit is not refundable. If your travel dates change we can generally reschedule you at no extra charge, but please provide at least 7 days advance notice.
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