Corals and Caves – Palawan Might be the World’s Top Island

Amazing coral reefs, crystal clear lagoons and untouched white sand beaches have long attracted a small but steady stream of travelers to the islands of Palawan in the Philippines.  Recently, the islands got the attention of the world when they were voted by the readers of Condé Nast Traveller as the best in the world. Despite the recent publicity the destination still has yet to attract throngs of visitors and still retains its virtually pristine beaches and a bit of an off the beaten track feeling. Palawan is really a complex of over 1700 individual islands stretching almost 2000km (1200 miles) along the western border of the Philippines. Palawan is the largest island and almost all coastlines measuring almost 500km long but only 50km (30 miles) across. Beautiful lagoons, photogenic karst topography and sugar beaches give way to a rugged chain of mountains covered by a vast blanket of still virgin rain forests. Puerto Princesa is the provincial seat of government and just an hour’s flight from Manila is the first stop for most visitors to the islands. It’s a popular tourist destination in and of itself for its beach resorts and popular sea food restaurants. Its local claim to […]

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