Affordable Patagonia 5 Days

    What's Included?

  • Hotel with breakfast daily
  • Transfer Airport - Bus Terminal
  • Bus Punta Arenas - Puerto Natales
  • Transfer Puerto Natales - Hotel
  • Tour Glacier Perito Moreno, Argentina
  • Torres del Paine Tour
  • Navigation Balmaceda and Serrano glaciers
  • Transfer Puerto Natales - bus terminal
  • Bus Puerto Natales - Punta Arenas
  • Transfer Bus Station - Hotel Punta Arenas
  • Transfer Hotel - Airport

Visitors from around the world make the journey to see this small but spectacular group of mountains and glaciers located about 280 km north of Punta Arenas, and about 1,960 km south of the Chilean capital Santiago. The Towers of Paine and Glacier Grey draining the vast ice field of southern Patagonia are the highlights of the Trek. Stay overnight in Refugio Grey in the midst of the Patagonian Andes and cruise up close to see the glacier calving directly into the lake.

Day 1

Transfer from Punta Arenas Airport straight to Puerto Natales visiting the Magellan Penguins Reserve situated to Otway Gulf area.

Day 2 - Erito Moreno Glacier Tour

We go on an outing to the famous Perito Moreno Glacier which is the only one in the Argentinian side , and keeps advancing due to separation of the floes from it, the glacier displays one of the most majestic spectacle of nature. This huge mass is 195 kilometers square and has a front wall of 2.500 mts at a height of 60 mts.

Among the 356 glaciers in Los Glaciares National Park, the Perito Moreno is world famous. The Perito Moreno Glacier is one of the most important natural attractions in Argentina , it´s 30 klms. long on a 257 square kilometers surface. The impressive magnitude of this ice mass is supposed to float on the argentinian side. It is 70 mts. height and takes your breath away when you´re in front of it. The waters are very cold between 4 and 6 degrees and maintains a special color due to the mineral particles that come from the glacier crash into the rocky layer.

The path to the glacier is covered along footbridges and lookouts.

*Return to Puerto Natales at nightfall.

Day 3 - Torres Del Paine National Park Tour

From Puerto Natales ,the lodging area, at 08:00 hrs, this excursion will set course for the Torres del Paine National Park The firt stop will be made in the thousand-year-old Milodón cave. A enormous natural accident with an incalculable anthropological value where is believed that the Patagonia primitive man lived close to the Milodón , a extinct herbivorous animal.

After a 30 minutes trek another stop in El Castillo hill, cafeteria service available. A whole preamble before arriving at Torres del Paine National Park along the area of Laguna Amarga ( bitter lagoon). An real spectacle in which species of Red foxes and Condors use to join the beautiful panoramic sight of the Paine´s massif.

A short distance ahead the Norsdenskjold and Pehoé lakes can be observed in company with guanacos and rheas. The tour continues with a 10 minutes trek which will make possible for you to discover the marvelous Salto Grande ( grand jump) and you will face the imposing cuernos ( horns) and get the Gray Lake.

In the afternoon the outing goes to the area of the glacier, there will a break for 1 ½ hr after the trek through the lengas ( Magellan oak) forest and on the imposing Grey Glacier´s floes.

Day 4 - Balmaceda and Serrano Glaciers Outing

Visiting this glacier is admiring a majestic place almost untouched by man and it´s only possible to get it across the Ultima Esperanza Gulf. It is the Balmaceda Mount at an altitude of 2.035 mts, one the areas of the Bernardo O´higgins National Park and it´s part of the Andes range.

To reach the Mount Balmaceda is real delight. The journey begins at the pier of Puerto Natales and going across forests of coigues, cinnamon trees , lengas, ñires, chilcos and calafates and at the same time discovering seals, cormorants,quetru ducks, condors and seagulls Once the coast is passed around , the ship gets closer to the sea wolves reserve in order to finally get the mount. On it , the Balmaceda Glacier is situated which lets big ice blocks go into the water of the fiord and of Serrano Glacier , glacier positioned at north of Balmaceda , a small lagoon formed by meltwater is the only accessible overland pass.

The return trip starts around 14:30 hrs. A stop in the Estancia Perales (ranch) gives the chance of having a delicious typical lunch of the region.

The return trip to Puerto Natales includes : Transfer to pier, trip to Punta Arenas on regular service bus , reception and transfer to hotel.

Day 5 - Punta Arenas City Tour

* It was the first permanent civilized center of population in the southern Patagonia , it emerged on december 18, 1848 as a new colony that turned into the most important cultural, industrial, commercial and stockbreeding center in Patagonia.

A panoramic view of Magellan strait and the city, a tour on the well outlined and well-designed avenues and squares that house more than 30 monuments, a visit to the Salesiano Maggiorino Borgatello museum where is possible to appreciate the magnificent collections of flora and fauna, the exclusive relics of the folklore and handicraft of Yaganes , Onas and Alacalufes, will permit the visitors to have a knowledge of the city and its inhabitants.

Transfer to Airport.


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  • Air Tickets
  • National Park entrance
  • Entrance to museums and attractions
  • Tips
  • Overall everything unspecified

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