Trekking the Ruwenzori - Africa’s Tallest Mountains

Africa’s tallest mountain range, the Ruwenzoris, sit almost on the equator between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). This massive snow capped range of mountains hosts some of the last remaining glaciers in tropical Africa and the large alpine area boasts numerous lakes and waterfalls. The mountains are home to a unique array of gargantuan plant life that draws comparisons to the dinosaur age.  Margherita Peak (5,109m / 16,761 ft), Mount Speke and Mount Baker which are respectively Africa’s third, fourth and fifth tallest mountains.  While Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya the tallest peaks in Africa draw numerous visitors the Ruwenzori are almost undiscovered despite the fact they are probably one of Africa’s most beautiful mountainous regions. The history of the mountains goes back as far as ancient Greece when Aristotle noted the ‘Mountains of Silver’ as the source of the Nile and Ptolemy in the 4th century BC placed them correctly on the map and named them “Lunae Montes” or “The Mountains of the Moon.” The ancients did not have first hand verification of the mountains and instead relied on stories told by Egyptian traders who told fables of the source of the Nile as a huge […]

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